5 Blockbuster NFL Games For 2015 – 2016

A lot has changed in the NFL between the 2014 and 2015 season. First we have to consider draft picks and how they impact the roster of many NFL teams. Like Taylor Swift, there is still bad blood left over from last season. The key errors made by the NFL refs have even the fantasy game players questioning the 2015 season. Given all that, the following five games have fans on the edge of their seats and the season has not even started yet. 

1. Dallas Cowboys vs. the Philadelphia Eagles -Week 2

Image via Flickr by texas_mustang

The Eagles certainly have shaken things up with their lineup this year by stealing DeMarco Murray from the Dallas Cowboys. The drama over Nick Foles was heightened when the Eagles brought Sam Bradford on board. Both Murray and Bradford have the fans frantic to see if this will be a breakout season for the Eagles. 

The big question is how will Murray help the Eagles when they face the Cowboys? The Dallas fans remain furious about the loss of Murray as his role helped the Cowboys rank number two in rushing for 2014. Is his loss a detriment to Dallas and a positive gain for the Eagles? 

2. Patriots vs. Colts – Week 6

The big focus here is Brady. Deflategate and other rumors of cheating have put the focus of the entire NFL, fans, and even people who are not fans of football on Brady. Too much smoke swirls around this QB and as we all know he is his biggest fan. This game starts with the question, is Brady good or just average, especially when made to play on the same “field” as everyone else. 

3. Steelers vs. Patriots – Week 1

In 2014, the Steelers should have taken it from the Patriots. Team injuries and the loss of Bell changed the dynamics of the season for the Steelers. This year, fans are eager to see Brady fail and the Steelers fans would very much like the Steelers to take down the Patriots. With Bell’s suspension still in effect, it will be up to the new kid DeAngelo Willams to square off against the Patriots, but new or not, there is a mob forming. How this shakes down is furious as described in a recent matchup prediction report at Doc’s.

4. Seahawks vs. Cowboy – Week 8

Statistically speaking, this matchup is a dominant defense vs. a dominant offense. In 2014, this was a war. In 2015, the war continues between two quarterbacks backed by a heavy arsenal of talent. Who can forget the Terrance Williams catch and toe drag? There is blood in the water here, and the fans are eager for a repeat of what was arguably the best game of the 2014 season. 

5. Cowboys vs. Green Bay – Week 14

There were a folly of errors that caused the NFL to rethink its position of refs. Fumbles, injuries, and questions concerning Dez Bryant catching the ball were just some of the errors brought up. With Murray gone from the Cowboys and firmly planted in the Eagles camp, the matchup between the Cowboys and the Packers is even hotter for 2015. 

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