Chase Rubin’s Thoughts on Novak Djokovic Being the Best Tennis Player

Entrepreneur, hard worker, philanthropist, artistic, animal rights activist, and sporty are a few qualities of Chase Rubin. Belonging to the area of Philadelphia, he has contributed towards a number of local infrastructures as a real estate developer. From art history, to tennis, to volunteerism – his interests are varied and exceptional. He builds infrastructure by keeping in mind the culture of a place and makes an effort to incorporate that in its designing.

He is also very particular about the materials he uses while creating a masterpiece out of something usual. For that reason, he is quite resolute about using environment friendly materials that can be reused and recycled in the future. Most of the time, he is buried in his work and focused on his goal of satisfying his clients and enhancing their quality of life by upgrading their place of living. On other days, he is out in the world saving animals and advocating for their rights. He strongly believes in speaking for the voiceless, and it disgusts him when he sees them being abused by other humans. He strongly condemns any kind of abuse or violence against animals, and volunteers at SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

In sports, he is inclined towards tennis more than anything. However, when he doesn’t get time to play it, he makes sure to keep himself updated with the current national and international news. He worries that match-fixing in tennis will destroy the prospect of its growth, if top players keep getting suspected of being involved in it. While talking about his favorite players, he mentioned Djokiovic’s name, which he believes, will beat them all in the future. At the age of only 28, the player is beating the record of experienced players like Roger Federer. From Wimbledon to the Australian Open to the US Open – he was able to win in all three, last year. He also managed to reach the finals of 16 championships and won 12 of them, in the past 12 months.

His perfection in the game was also praised by Rafael Nadal, who is also in the top list of tennis players, in the campaign in Doha in 2016. He said, “I played against a player who did everything perfectly. I have never known anybody play tennis like that. From being a fine athlete with formidable defense, Djokovic has become a superb all-rounder. He serves well, returns brilliantly, hits great ground strokes, has unbelievable defense and has also become a very good attacking player.”

Chase Rubin believes that with increasing age, Djokiovic is also keeping pace, and age won’t be an obstacle for him to beat Federer’s record. Eventually, that day is not far away when he will be the best player in tennis hitherto.

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