How good are Oakley’s Prizm Lenses?

If you’ve been paying any attention to the latest innovations in extreme sports lenses in recent months, you’ll almost certainly have heard of Oakley’s Prizm Lens Technology, which have been given rave reviews across the board.

But what is so special about these lenses, and are they really as good as the reviews suggest? Let’s take a look at the latest innovation from Oakley.

– What is Prizm?

Oakley’s Prizm lenses are designed to provide crystal clear visual acuity in sport-specific environments, and they’re Oakley’s first custom-built lenses specifically for sports and outdoor activities.

They work by boosting colours in the area of the eye most sensitive to detail, which enhances clarity, performance and – according to Oakley – safety. By helping you to see more clearly, the brand argue your reaction times are improved, which not only improves performance but also helps to make extreme sports that little bit safer. The lenses also make it easier to recognise colours and see objects in your peripheral vision.

– How do they work?

The lenses work using specially engineered colour tints, filtering out any light that could interfere with visual clarity. According to Oakley, they utilise ‘hyperspectal imaging’, which was previously used by spy satellites to improve detail and precision.

– What are they for?

Many people know the Prizm technology through the various ranges of Oakley goggles for skiing and snowboarding, but there are also Prizm lenses available for Golf, Road, Baseball (infield and outfield), Fishing, Trail and Daily.

– How good are they?

I’ve only had the pleasure of using the Daily and Snow Prizm lenses for any real amount of time, and I would be 100% comfortable calling them the best lenses I’ve ever been lucky enough to wear. The clarity simply has to be experienced to understand, as it’s genuinely like nothing I’ve ever experienced, particularly when moving at speed. The peripheral vision offered on the Airbrake XL lenses I used while skiing was also nothing short of spectacular – I honestly couldn’t recommend them highly enough for anyone looking for sports or outdoor-related lenses.

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