Interesting Facts About All-Time Football Great Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is an Argentine football player who is regarded as one of the finest to have adorned the sport. Known for his impeccable skill of scoring goals, Messi is already a heartthrob for many teenagers who idolize him. He plays for the Spanish club Barcelona in La Liga tournaments and often draws comparisons with his contemporaries like Cristiano Ronaldo and Radamel Falcao. Serving in the capacity of Argentine football team captain, this celebrated player has broken many records already. The year 2009 will go down as one of the memorable years of his playing career because it was for the first time that he received the Ballon d’Or award. Born in Rosario in 1987, Messi was a sensational player during his teenage days. Even after breaking several records, this phenomenal player has admitted that he just plays his normal game. Gelling with other players well is seen as his greatest forte. However, it is a natural gift for him to control the ball well far exceeding the usual capabilities of other players. It is just customary that football critics, former players, celebrity coaches and crazy fans rate consistently as one of the best players to have been associated with the game.

However, there are some others like Swede player Zlatan Ibrahimovic who say that it is too early to accept that Messi is the greatest football ever the world has seen. Irrespective of what one has got to say, it appears as if Messi is round the corner then records are bound to break. As far as the club career of this Argentine skipper is considered, he started low by joining Barcelona. It took no time for the world to get to know about his histrionics. One of the latest achievements that he achieved was that of breaking Gerd Muller’s record of all-time record goals at club level in a single calendar year. Many players and colleagues admit that watching Messi play is just a delight. Moving at a lightning speed and deceiving opponents on the go is something that can be considered as the Argentine’s flair. However, the long cherished dream of this celebrity is to watch his country win the FIFA World Cup. There was no notable player produced in the country even since Diego Maradona has announced the retirement. The former Argentine great used to receive standing ovation wherever he used to play. Currently, he serves as a coach to a private club in Dubai.

Drawing comparisons to such football greats itself shows the prowess of Messi. However, there is still so much for this young player to achieve. Though still in his 20s, the Barcelona striker shows a lot of maturity on the field. Most of the opponents and team players get surprised because of this particular feature of Messi. Even after achieving so much adulation across the world, Messi is still a stranger for a majority of the U.S. citizens. Eventually, this made the player vow that he will his try and popularize soccer in America. It needs to be seen that how far he will succeed with his plans.

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