Woman fly fishing in Salmon River near the town of Main Brook, Viking Trail, Northern Peninsula, Great Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland. Model Released.

Sporting holiday activities with a difference

Sometimes in life the repetition of a daily sports routine can leave you wanting more – a new experience, activity or setting in which to get your physical workout. Activity holidays are a good way to try something different as they combine a fresh location with different sights, food and culture, along with sports that you may never have tried (or ever even thought of).

Of course, lots of people go on skiing holidays or disappear for a week at a time to go hiking, diving or to play golf, but what about testing your metal and trying a new destination and a completely different type of sport?

Scotland is on the rise with growing tourism and is steadily holding the top position as the number one country to visit in the United Kingdom. With rising tourism and large amounts of money spent in the industry, comes the demand to cater to a greater variety of tourists with higher expectations. Thinking outside the traditional tourist attractions, more and more people are open to trying more historic local hobbies and sports. Many people plan trips to Scotland in groups, but it is not uncommon to be around those that have chosen to come alone. Whatever you decide, you won’t be disappointed in all that Scotland has to offer, and you could find yourself trying a spot of pheasant and grouse shooting, salmon and trout fishing, or even roe deer stalking. How does that sound for a novel and unique activity holiday?

Pheasant and Grouse Shooting

For pheasant and grouse shooting previous experience is not necessary (you don’t even need to have held a gun before). You’re sure to have a great time if you enjoy the outdoors and try this traditional fieldsport (whilst surround by beautiful lowland hills, ancient castles, amazing culture and great local food). Although there is no guarantee of any kills (or birds to cook at the days end), be assured estates are fully stocked with game to increase your chances of shooting pheasants or grouse. Instructional use on guns, transportation, and accommodations are typically included in packages in order to maximize your experience.

Salmon and Trout Fishing

If you’d like a more relaxed holiday with time to slowly take in the stunning countryside, fishing is something you should consider, with a fully guided salmon and trout fishing tour on some of Scotland’s most famous rivers. The River Tweed is the most well known river in Scotland, renowned for its Atlantic Salmon and trout. This activity is ideal for the fly fisherman or one who loves being on the water.

Roe Deer Stalking

Roe deer stalking is another wonderful activity to try out. Fully equipped with appropriate and calibrated guns, roe deer stalking is an experience like no other. Appropriate training in gun safety, advice and guidance on tracking, and emphasis on humanely shooting the deer are discussed before participation. Trained dogs are used to aid in the location of the kill, and guides give full instruction of proper deer stalking. Roe deer stalking is a great adventure for the novice or experienced hunter.

Of course, Scotland has many other activities to offer, as these are just a few that you may not have considered. There are so many things to see and do in Scotland, and whether you decide to go alone or with a group, you’re sure to have a wonderful time. There are so many memories to be made in the field; on the river or over the rolling hills. Your experience in Scotland will be sure to have you planning your next trip before you even head home!

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