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Who's Watchin'???

July 15th 2009 13:14

I can already hear my main man Smitty down the TCFB Pub if I bring up this technological breakthrough in Major League Baseball while enjoying a cold one or two with the cranky bastard. It would go something like this, "you can stick that goddamn computer or camera or whatever the hell you're talking about Chuckie, right back up where the sun don't shine! I know how to judge if a player is a dandy of a defensive player or not!".......... Ya know, on second thought, I might just keep this one to myself and only share it with you guys. Smitty isn't ready for this yet in his world.

MLB is in the final testing phases for what would be a huge breakthrough in judging defensive capabilities of all players. This software system and camera will actually be recording the exact speed and location of the ball AND every player on the field! It will be huge when it comes to judging the range of a player defensively as well as how well a fielder takes routes on balls in the air and how quickly balls are being charged in the outfield. It will also be a huge tool to judge a players throwing accuracy. People who know me, know how much I respect and like Derek Jeter as a ballplayer and as a leader. The biggest knock on Jeter however, is his supposed lack of range defensively. Well, I guess we might finally get to see if that's correct. When all is said and done, this software is supposed to cost anywhere from $5-8 million total to install in all 30 Major League stadiums.

Here's where my boy Smitty and I disagree. I think this is a phenomenal breakthrough for the game of baseball--both for it's scouting departments and for us as fans. We always sit around at cookouts or at our local taverns or family parties talking about the offensive accolades of all our favorite players. With this software we will now be able to back up our suppositions and theories that we all have on these guys when it comes to the defensive side of things. How cool is that? Where I do agree with someone like Smitty (and I know he'd say this too.. I'll ask him later since it's Wednesday and I usually stop down the pub on Wednesday nights) is that no matter how expensive or advanced technology becomes--you can't measure smarts and intangibles. Those two things are huge when it comes to a game of good ole hardball. You're 100% right on that one my old friend, but there will be some great raw defensive statistical data that comes out of this new 'goddamn computer equipment'! Yeah, I know I'm a slight stat geek Smitty, I know. Deal with it!

(Thanks to Josh for the pic of the floating camera at the ballpark.)

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Chuck Hanf
Two Cents From Beantown

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Comment by Anonymous

July 15th 2009 14:20
That is such a ridiculous thing to do. Why not just have all robots out there then. Who cares if they aren't the best defensive players. I'd rather take a guy who may not have the best range but can hit .330. A scout is a profession that you should be able to determine someone's abilities and potential without the need for that camera. Let them play ball and see what happens.

Comment by Chuck H

July 15th 2009 14:31
I'm of the opinion that it will help. I'm old school too but we have to welcome change and use it to our advantage----scouts included. You're always going to want good solid two-way players on your team and scouts know what to overlook and what not to overlook when given this new data. Great comment though. Thanks for stopping in.

Comment by DF

July 16th 2009 01:35
I agree that it can help and that change isn't always bad. Scouts are good at what they do but they can overlook something. What's so bad about them having a llitle extra help when it comes to seeing a players potential?

Comment by Chuck H

July 16th 2009 02:49
exactly my point DF...Thanks for stopping in!

Comment by Anonymous

July 26th 2009 01:55
You guys have a point. If there was an instrument or tool I could utilize to give me extra help at work then I would take advantage of it.

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